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Confidence Answering the Dreaded Networking Question

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Ok, you are at a networking meeting, a social function, a wedding and someone asks, ‘what do you do?’ It is difficult to exude confidence, when you have half of a sound bite to keep the asker’s attention.

You may grimace. Your stomach may tie into a sailor’s knot. Time seems to have slowed down and now you have cotton mouth.

It is not that you don’t know ‘what’ you do, but most of us have generic titles. (Blogger, lawyer, doctor, coach) I haven’t met any astronauts yet…so the listener hears your title, filters it and replies with, “oh” or “that’s cool/nice.” They assume they know what your genius entails. Rarely, do they ask follow up questions. This is not to be rude, but they don’t want to be bored with your explanation, they believe they have heard it ALL before. (more…)

Organize Your Mind First

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This will be a short scribe as it is necessary to clear one’s mind of the iffa, coulda woulda, shouldas that circle about 24/7. This strategy implemented will slow down these gremlins.

As you work on your business, it is important to set up house rules for yourself. House rules are essential to keeping the peace in your business and YOU as a container. Think about it, if you have certain times to do certain things, you get a lot more done than you think at first glance. (more…)

You Aren’t Talking to Yourself, Are You?

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“Don’t talk to yourself” and my favorite, “Don’t answer yourself, you will look crazy”

This never made sense to me. If I want to know what I am thinking and feeling, how else am I going to get the answer? It makes people uncomfortable for some reason (maybe their discomfort is your comfort within you) when you speak with your Self. I always question why? Do they feel insignificant or unvalued, if you are not asking them for advice? Either way, their feelings are none of my business. Or yours. (more…)

Food IS Self Care

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I had been longing to read a magazine, there was much to do and I did it anyway, while having my lunch. Don’t be concerned that the magazine is over a year old (hanging my head in shame, I know. We are all a work in progress.), but it is an O magazine so the information is still spot on. In this issue she (Oprah) interviewed Dr. Oz and I was struck by a couple of simple statements. One-statistically women have to make more decisions per day than men. Two-put eating on automation. The rest of the article dimmed as I thought about how these two things were intimately linked. (more…)

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